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Hyundai and Kia Forum: No Power? No Throttle response?=Cause=BAD TPS switch.Symptoms= CEL=ON, ESC LIGHT ON
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Old 01-10-2014, 03:53 AM
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Default No Power? No Throttle response?=Cause=BAD TPS switch.Symptoms= CEL=ON, ESC LIGHT ON

No Power? No Throttle response?= Cause=BAD TPS switch.Symptoms= CEL=ON, ESC LIGHT ON

Terms used:
TPS SENSOR= Throttle Position Sensor
CEL LIGHT=Check Engine Light
ESC LIGHT= Electronic Stability Control

(ESC button= Right below radio=left side)


Affected vehicles:


*ALL* cars that use a "Fly-by-Wire" throttle system.
(EG: No cable directly connecting your FOOT to the throttle butterfly plate on the engine...
In the old days to the carburetor.)

Location of TPS?= on the butterfly plate shaft.
AirCleaner>Rubber_Boot>TPS/ButterFlyPlate>Rubber-Boot>Intake Manifold.

KIA SEDONA 2006>*2012
(HMAService shows a listing for 2010, guess they were still couldn't sell the 3,334+/- 2009's)

Hello all, (part of) the below post was originally going to be part of a reply to a post in another thread.
Thought I'd expand on that post, and post it here so it would help others..


Car in "Limp Home Mode"?

Limp Home Mode a term for when a malfunction happens, barely creeping along @ idle speed.

EG: Limping home @ idle speed, VS the throttle going WIDE OPEN!

System (and the lawyers) choosing the "Lets not put this thing at FULL throttle if a malfunction was to occur in the fuel circuit!


Most likely it's the TPS SENSOR
(TPS= Throttle Position Sensor)

As of 2012-10 or so Current part #35107-3C100-NFFF THROTTLE SENSOR ASSYS (TPS)

(If you haven't yet had the below experience, don't worry you will, it just a matter of time.)

TPS SENSOR, what's that?
No car type person version

Back in the old days- A cable was attached to the gas pedal- when you push the gas pedal the cable would open the "butterfly, aka Intake plate". The further you push the gas pedal the more air is admitted into the engine, and the RPM's increased. (Car goes faster.)

Sedona/Entourage has NO throttle cable.
It has what is called a "FLY-BY-WIRE" system.
You have a switch in the gas pedal that "talks" to the TPS, and the ECM /ECU. The ECM/ECU (computer) tracks position of gas pedal, and the TPS tracks the position of the intake butterfly valve.

If the values don't match, in that the TPS is saying one thing, and the switch on the gas pedal is saying something else the car goes into "limp home mode". (RPM drops to idle)

When this happens CEL comes on, ESC light comes ON, indicating ESC is OFF, and the car drops to idle speed..

You can push/ pump the pedal all you want but you aren't going anywhere "Fast"..


More car type persons version (Since it's very late and I don't want to re-edit everything)

You lose power ALL of the sudden without warning (Cool I need a challenge today)
"CEL" comes on (Check Engine light) Code=P2135 IIRC
ESC OFF light comes on (Electronic Stability Control)

Car loses ALL power and the gas pedal doesn't do a blankly-blank thing. (Cool, Hey look at that dump truck coming right at my door - GEE, I can count the number of fins on the radiator it's so close.)

RPM= Think idle speed...

If you are early on in this "lovely" adventure (EG: It just started to happen. TPS is marginal, maybe it works till it gets hot, or only works when it's cold)... turning the car OFF, then recranking the car may "reset" the ECU... and you regain power.... Regain power till the next event occurs that is.

(And you never know when that will be.)

This morning wifely called... (Boy did she sound happy) dang thing screwed up on her about 4-5 times on her (3) mile trip to work.

The fix?

Well depending upon the *age of your car you can't just "replace' the TPS sensor as they've superseded the part number and it requires that the computer which talks to both components has to be "updated'.
(Read that as you have to pay the dealer 1hr labor -on a part that can be replaced in a few minutes.)

* 2011? 2012 + models...
Disclaimer" I don't know when the superseded part came out so a 2011? 2012 model may have the revised part already, If so the symptoms will be the SAME, lucky for you no ECU "update" is required

NOTE: If your car doesn't require a ECM update replacing the TPS is a simple DIY repair.
The holes that hold the TPS sensor are NOT slotted- remove the (3) bolts, (1) electrical connector and it comes right off.

Price= 1hr labor (To R&R TPS SENSOR and REPROGRAM ECU)
(Price was also 1hr labor if I installed part- and had them reprogram ECU)

Total cost= 1hr labor+40+/- for TPS itself...

TIP: If you're car is having this problem, Pick a time of day that traffic is light. If you attempt a trip to the dealer in rush hour traffic you will have all kinds of people using various hand gestures directed towards YOU.

Ah, the trip to the dealership:

Oh, the trip to the dealership was FUN, imagine going city block by city block stop and go NEVER knowing "when" it's going to lose power...
(Lost power about 10 times on the way over there.)..

Once I got on the interstate (A crap shoot if it totally crapped out) When I did have POWER,, it was like get the HECK OUT OF MY WAY... I need to get up SPEED to make it up the next HILL (Mountain) if this thing fails on me again.

(Man was that a police car I just passed?...)

NOTE to self,,, lucky SOB's in areas with their flat level ground -Long stretches of flat level road...

Oh, to the lady in the Honda that was getting off the interstate talking /texting on the phone going like 15mph and when I went into the far lane to get around you, "then" you tried to come over on me...

GET IN THE SLOW LANE, its' not cool to block faster traffic (She was going like 15 in a 45mph zone)

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