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Hyundai and Kia Forum: Correct Bolt Size for front and back Licsense Plates 2008 Kia Sedona USA models?
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Old 03-23-2016, 01:06 AM
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Default Correct Bolt Size for front and back Licsense Plates 2008 Kia Sedona USA models?

What are Front and Back License plate bolt Size and Pitch for 2008 Kia Sedona?

Just purchased a used 2008 Kia Sedona LX Minivan. Temporary tag expires in a few days and I need to get permanent plates mounted. Vehicle came with just two rusty #12 or #14 hex head sheet metal screws incompletely screwed (jammed) into the two license plate mounting holes in the rear liftgate to hold the cardboard temporary tag. Screws are too big for the holes and are of the wrong thread -- looks like the holes are set up for taking a machine screw or bolt thread and not the sheet metal thread that the nylon expanding mounts that come on most U.S.A. branded vehicles take. These sheet metal type screws would have been OK (other than the ugliness of the their rust) for a U.S. brand vehicle but this a Korean Sedona -- didn't the dealer know that?

Plus, I need attachment bolts for the front license plate. No screws of any type came in the bumper where the mounting holes for a front plate are. I called the parts desks of two local Kia dealers to find out the size of bolts I need. Parts men at both dealers left the phone for an extended time and came back saying Kia doesn't list license bolts in its parts manifesto for the Sedona. One parts man was a bit friendlier and said he'd ask the mechanics in the dealer's shop what size they've been using. It came back that they use a “metric 6 x 20 screw”. 6 apparently stands for 6mm bolt diameter and the 20 stands for 20mm length of the bolt. He did not specify a thread pitch. Pitch apparently refers to how closely the threads of the bolt are spaced. I went to my local hardware store with the 6mm and 20mm info. A long time hardware person there said it is probably a 1.00 pitch that the vehicle uses for the non-critical exterior purpose of holding on license plates as 1.00 is the most common metric pitch and the other two pitches he stocked, .50 and .75, are considered "fine thread" pitches. I purchased a set of 4 bolts in Stainless Steel for front and back. The 6mm looks like about a 1/4" diameter and the 20-mm looks like about 1" long. I tried them out on the Sedona. The 6mm is way too big in diameter for the front bumper holes and doesn't seem to want to go into the rear lift gate holes.

My question: What are the true sizes and thread pitches that are needed for this vehicle and it's front and back plate mounts? The mounting holes in the liftgate almost take the 6mm bolts and it may be that the threads in the mounting holes may have been corrupted by the hex head sheet metal screws that the used car dealer forced on them. I can try a bit more forcefully to get these holes to take the 6mm and 1.00 thread bolts if I am sure that is what the holes were designed to take but don't want to cause further damage if that is not what the holes were deLisigned to take. The front bumper holes are a different story -- the holes seem way too small for the 6mm bolts. What is the proper bolt for there?
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Old 03-25-2016, 02:37 AM
Sedonaowner Sedonaowner is offline
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Default License Plate fastener size 2008 Sedona: Improvised solution

License Plate fastener size 2008 Sedona: Improvised solution

What I’ve done so far – I needed to get permanent tags on by March 22 – was to go back to the hardware store and try out some other sized fasteners. A 5mm diameter by 16mm long by .80 pitch bolt worked fine for the front bumper license holes. I’m not sure those holes actually have any metal threading in them as the fasteners can still be turned even when the bolts have fully snugged the front license plate against the front bumper cover plastic. But, the front plate seems to be on securely and I am satisfied that this will be my permanent solution for the front bumper license plate. I did get the bolts in stainless steel because of the use of rust producing de-icers used on the highways in the winter in my part of the country (rust-belt).

As for the rear liftgate license plate: The 5mm x 16mm x .80 pitch fasteners used on the front went nicely into the metal threaded bolt receivers on the rear liftgate and I initially thought they would be the solution there too, but then, when there were fully turned down, the bolts keep turning and released without holding. This hardware store didn’t carry any 6mm bolt with any other thread pitch than 1.00 to try. The auto parts section of the hardware store did carry a black nylon license plate bolt that was the same 6mm x 20mm x 1.00 pitch that I did try unsuccessfully in stainless steel over the previous weekend. The idea was that the nylon might be slightly more flexible than the stainless steel of the other 6mm bolts and engage enough threads of the license bolt receivers in the liftgate to temporally hold the rear plate on to the liftgate without doing too much damage to the threads in the liftgate bolt receivers. This would be until someone on this forum can come through with the actual license bolt specification for the car or until I could get the spec from somewhere else. Then, knowing the correct spec, I could use the proper size tap or thread chase to repair the bolt receivers and use the proper bolts. The nylon bolts work – they seem to screw in about 1/8’.— which seems to be enough engagement to hold the plate on temporarily barring gale force crosswinds. I undid the two nylon bolts after trying them and cut down the length of each 20mm nylon fastener to about 9/16", so that even though they only go into the bolt receiver holes about 1/8’’, the heads of the bolts would actually snug up against the license plate and it’s plastic frame.

So far after 2 days of driving – at speeds as high as 55 mph on two days of moderately high springtime (March) winds (gusts to 25 mph) the rear plate has stayed on.

Still hope someone knows the designed bolt size.
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license tag bolt size

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