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Default hyundai entourage no rpms?

my van has less than 18,000 miles on a 2008 model. I have had her jerk a couple times then just lose acceleration altogether. so i turned it off and waited a minute .. started it up and it worked again but still had the check engine light on. then 2 days later, (tonight) I was running low on fuel and pulled up to the pump she did the familiar jerking then lost rpms and acceleration again. so i restarted and this time that did not resolve it.. it still had no power although it was running. I did switch to a different gas station after the last time and i thought it was better.. but now even after she had almost 1/2 tank in her , she did start again but the check engine came on again!! please help with any theories. also, she was not cold and had run fine on a few errands i had today. I am truly perplexed. we just had her oil changed less than a month ago and this has come out of the blue. thanks for your time on this one.
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