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Default 2003 Kia Optima ISSUES!!

Hi guys, im in great need of some advice! Im new here, so id like to thank everyone in advance. I have a 2003 Optima LX 2.4 4 cyl & auto trans with 130k miles. Car jus died while driving, then would turn over but not crank. Sprayed with starting fluid an fired right up, repaced pump and no change. Still wont crank, i can here and feel the new pump running. Also took fuel line loose under throttle body an i get good fuel pressure when motor is being cranked over but none when key is turned on. Code reader has p0335 crankshaft position sensor. Any ideas??? I've owned car for about a year, had 104k when i got it. Im not sure of maintenance or if timing belt has ever been replaced. Would it start with fluid if crank sensor is bad? Is there anything else i can try to diagnose my issue? Thanks
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